Vista, Windows 7: How to make the Snipping Tool useful through instant hotkey capture

Later windows (re)incarnations like Windows Vista, and Windows 7 comes with a utility for screen-taking called the Snipping Tool. It is however cumbersome to click New each time, and subsequently save the pictures. This may lead people to rashly look elsewhere for an application that fills their need in straightforward pictorial-documenting. Yet, new utilities mean new security risks and unnecessary cluttering of the windows installation system. Here I describe a a way that lets me stick with the snipping tool, and might help you as well.

Windows has supported following shortcuts very early on:
Capture of the entire Screen
1.      Press PrtScn (Print Screen) key
2.      Press CRTL+Vto paste into a document

Capture the active Window
1.      Press ALT + PrtScn PrtScn (Print Screen) key
2.      Press CRTL+Vto paste into a document

Out of the box, Snipping Tool has no provision for a hotkey to bring up the window. To fix this, go in the Start Menu, click on All Programs and open the Accessories folder, with the Snipping Tool in it. Right-click on it  and from the Send-to menu, select Desktop. Right click on the newly created desktop button, and select Properties.
If the snipping tool doesn't start in the capture-mode (try first) enter in the first box  '%windir%\system32\cmd.exe snippingtool' as the target (without the quotes).
Note: By starting Snipping Tool from the command line (cmd) by entering "snippingtool" it instantly launches in capture mode.
In the third box from top you see an empty Shortcut key text box, focus it by clicking on it and press a hotkey or combination of hotkeys such as Ctrl + SHIFT + F12

When the snipping tool is active you can activate capture anytime with the key combination STRG + PrtScn , which allows the capture of opened menus.