SVG OAuth Authorization Flow Graphics

Open Authorization (OAuth) is an authorization protocol based on open standards, which led to its wide adoption by some of the largest web-entities such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

“An open protocol to allow secure API authorization  in a simple and standard method from desktop and web applications.”           

OAuth breaks the heretofore rampant pattern of small and untrusted web-sites mining personal data, which typically encompasses as the least common denominator a username and password during a registration step. OAuth presumes that a user who tries to log in to a small and potentially untrusted site, owns an account at a large, trusted service provider such as Google acting as an independent third party in the authentication process.

With OAuth, the trusted third party acts as a credential provider, vouching for the user’s submission of login credentials, by returning a unique token in case of successful user-authentication or an error in case of wrong credentials.

The process flow is outlined as follows, with GraphML and SVG files available. For editing, the free yEd band Inkscape are recommended, respectively. (Naturally, Graph-Markup files are more abstracted and thus feature smaller filesizes than SVGs, but do not yet provide in-line Browser rendering support)
yWorks provides an online graphML viewer.

Download the oauth.svg and outh.graphml .