No DirectX 12? Use WebCL instead of DirectCompute.

According to an interview with AMD Vice President Roy Taylor, which was published yesterday 04. April , at the german news-site,  there are no plans for a DirectX 12 version. This all but affirms the growing rumors, around CES 2013, that hopes for a straight DirectX successor should be curbed. Indeed Direct X 11.1 primarily made improvements in DirectCompute via the HL Shader language (HLSL), provided new file format support, and brought DirectXMath from the XNA library with it. You can read up on the differences  of the latter at microsoft MSDN.

According to Fudzilla, the next DirectX iteration will be codenamed Blue. Yet given the imminent release of Microsoft's next console platform, along with Windows Blue, I think there is a reasonable chance that Microsoft will break compatibility with older DirectX versions even further. That is, DirectX versions which Windows 7 supports.

For me that means definitely curbing my DirectCompute enthusiasm and jumping on the OpenCL /  WebCL bandwagon, albeit being in its draft stage!