Chrome loosing tab sessions: Provide user feedback for a new tab-restore extension!

Chrome has been crashing for a lot of people continuously. For me this has become routine, despite being on a stable release channel. Previously I didn't have to use much of chrome-session-restore (CSR) myself. Lately it was the only option. Admittedly, the web-app is everything but user-friendly. The user interface actually requires one to read text. Madness! On a more serious note, as of right now, CSR only offers amelioration in restoring previous tab sessions.

Chrome browser after a crash. Author: Lo Sauer, 2013 CC-BY-SA3

Stopped working
Unfortunately due to ever-increasing security restrictions the chrome-session-restore's ability to auto-reopen tabs doesn't seem to work anymore. Please correct me if I am wrong, whilst stating your Chrome version in the comments.
I am currently on Chrome version 30.0.1599.101 m  where m signifies the mature development builds.

Google doesn't seem to do much
Frankly I cannot come up with a solution as to why Google neglected on of the most significant issues: that is in case of crashes to restore the previous state. Many users, me included, experience issues with the implemented tab restore ability (Fig1).
Fig1. Showing Chrome's session restore feature

Upon relaunching chrome, the notification bar of Chrome's unexpected demise along with the grand gesture of offering to restore the tabs if the user wishes to do so, disappears within seconds notice. It might not show at all if a ghost Chrome process is spawned or still open and has cleared or is blocking the Chrome's Last Session file.

Key issue: Platform diversity

One of the issues Google did not seem to pursue with the required vigor is addressing the actual stability of its product in actual Windows systems. Ironically I use Windows 7 as a stable host system, for various Virtual machines as I prefer to work on mobile appliances. Any other platform has way to much stability issues in regard to power states, memory management and kernel-mode drivers on any other platform.

As of 2013, many people will have various applications hooking into crucial system Windows system libraries and even hooking directly into kernel functions. Be it appearance customization, virus scanners, malware, Virtual machine drivers, tuning drivers, performance drivers, Sandbox drivers, Hardware emulation, you name it.

Future Development as an Extension

chrome-session-restore was born out of demonstration for a neat hack, wherein any number of tabs within the Browser's sandbox could be opened. Imagine opening 1000 tabs by a JavaScript, driving the user's PC into an eternal memory-swapping-standstill as soon as the memory runs out. It is that bad. That issue seems to have been fixed now. Well over a year later.
To make the session-restore extension as good as possible, please let me know what you would like to see in the user interface and its functionality in the initial release. One thing is for sure: no more gratuitous text!

Release date

Around the end of this month. Beta versions will be available before. The extension will be as lean as possible and will include the top features most requested herein.