Your personal MIT-Licence site via Remy's 'mit-licence' project. And a touch of Windows 8 through the theme 'EULA-modern'

Upon first seeing the repository, one may wonder, why someone took the initiative to setup a project hosting nothing but the MIT-licence. The MIT-licence is popular in Open Source projects, due to its leniency in commercial projects, and has seen rapid increase in popularity in recent years:
Top 20 Open Source Licenses - Source: BlackDuck

Rather than include the MIT licence, you can just link to it at a central site, with your custom information and theme.
I created the theme EULA-modern ( 'eula-modern') which takes artistic licence from the flat, hard-cornered Windows 8, WPF designs. The theme is responsive and should work with any devices, including the scollbar theme on Webkit based mobile browsers.

Mit-Licence Theme: EULA-modern

You can see the live preview here and/or fork/edit it. Get the latest version of the theme here