Packet Sniffing to compensate for Chrome's lack of a proper Download Manager with 'advanced' download info

In Chrome external downloads will not be handled by the web inspector. As such it will be problematic  to get the download url or even referrer. This leaves one forced to use an external download manager or as I have found myself recently, in a situation where I used a simple packet inspector program just for getting the HTTP header of my download.
I generally use Nirsoft's smartsniff whenever I am in an windows environment and need a lightweight packet sniffer, and Kismet on linux. When I really need it I use wireshark (once known as etheral), which is quite a memory hog, and the reason why I use it scarcely.

A first choice for me when doing lightweight inspection of TCP, UDP and sometimed ICMP traffic. 

Like many resource friendly applications, smsniff relies on the old COM Controls and COM Dialogs (which themselves are based on GDI32 for rendering user dialogs)....
In what situations do I use or need packet inspection:
  • Exposing the full transport header
  • Timing and duration of the packet traffic
  • actual size of the traffic vs. that reported in the program
  • looking into sources of communication where there should be none
  • Monitoring WLAN traffic for security related purposes
  • looking into backdoor communication
  • Reverse engineering of networking applications 
  • and especially DEBUGGING your own or third party networking-applications
Whireshark I mostly use when I am tinkering with (binary) protocol development or establishing new (binary) protocols initiation. In a recent case, I used wireshark for building a protocol on top of binary web-sockets. But any situation which is a)time-consuming and b) classifyable as profound will not be met well by Kismet or Smartsniff.