Python based web-servers and webware: Installing mod_python on Apache (Windows)

First download the following package file, which is licenced under the GPL.

There are a few steps for a successful installation:

Be aware that due to the lack of recent package releases of mod-python an Apache 2.0x server is required, otherwise the shared object link library (.so) cannot resolve all addresses which are required to meet recent Apache .so interface specifications !

  • Download the file from here and put it in the one python-application-directory, which is intended to be registered (this will also allow using any 2.x Portable Python version). Open a command line and execute
  • From the zip file, copy the apache folder into your apache server directory, and the lib folder into your registered Python application directory.
  • unpack and execute it (double click). When a location-request pops up, select your apache directory.
  • Add to your httpd.conf (Apache/conf directory) the following line:LoadModule python_module modules/

  • in your ScriptAlias / CGI section of httpd.conf add:
    <Directory "<Your Document Root>/python">
    AddHandler python-program .py
    PythonHandler mptest
    PythonDebug on
  • a sample program (with the extension .py in your www directory) may look like this:
    from mod_python import apache

    def __main__():
    req.content_type = "text/plain"
    req.write("Text output via apache CGI.")
    return apache.OK

That's it. You can visit for general information. The last release was almost 5 years ago.

You may also visit for a more recent project, which is based on Python, and includes support for many recent web technologies like JSON. A python based web server is already included.