Blogger dynamic view template problems with JavaScript, Disqus comments and slow CSS animations

As a Google Blogger user one must have been living under a rock to not have noticed the neat, interactive, animated, clean looking new blogger designs which Google refers to as Dynamic Views. Unfortunately, these new designs do not necessarily live up to their name as far as their update frequency goes, and as such do have a handful of problems that have persisted till today.

The particular hurdles which made me to wait are:

  • Dynamic View templates do not allow custom scripts in the body
  • DV article HTML is stripped of script tags
  • DV templates feature new tag attributes, and some have slow css animations / transitions
  • DV templates cannot be configured by all the blogger-backend setup options
  • DV output is extensively cached on the server-side. Update times seem to depend on the server-load
  • Disqus comments cannot be loaded easily in sequence to the Google+ comments

Especially the removal of JavaScript tags has been a showstopper to me. Knowingly this could be fixed using some wit, free time and custom code. But it is a much larger time investment than say just clicking on the "use new template" button in the Blogger Backend. In search of a solution I found Moski's approach a year back, which had it's own set of difficulties, and quit to work when google started filtering-out script-tags from the article content. But kudos for working something out.

In the following posts, I will describe the steps and adaptations taken, that hopefully are rewarded with a shiny new look and feel without sacrificing to much of the good 'ol:

Update: Should you be in need of an ad-hoc fix for gist-embedding, please include this working codelet somewhere in your template - a reasonable timeout interval is 3000msec. Otherwise watch the github repo 'blogger-dynamic-view-gist-embed' to get a more polished version.