Google+ formatting: *Bold*, _Italic_, -Strikethrough-, @PeopleMention,+Personmention, #Hashtag

Sometimes I want to reassure myself of the formatting rules on google+. Since a google search for google+ formatting rules didn't give me this succinct information directly within the search results or speaking in SEO terms, the SERP - the Search Engine [entry] Result Page, I made this post remedying this circumstance. Some solutions are really simple.

Below is the official Google+ cheatsheet


Notice: As you can see this picture's background isn't as perfectly white as it should be. That is because Blogger integrated the photo enhancement feature of Google+ and turned it on by default. To turn it off go to your Google+ Preferences by clicking here pressing CTRL + F , to search for Auto Enhance and untick it. That's it. You are all set.
As you can, see whites are white again.