R-fiddle: R-programming and R-statistics go online

Very recently, a new web app called R-fiddle arrived at the scene.

R-fiddle is a early beta webapp that provides you with

A free and powerful environment to write, run and share R-code right inside your browser. It even offers the option to include packages. 

Showing the r-fiddle editor


Here is what you can expect and do

  • Collaborative Editing
  • Save
  • Embed: Graphs can be shown along with a console and are render live so to speak
  • Share
  • Run (but obviously not install new packages or any of that sorts)
  • Graph and save the plots
  • Adapt the editor to your needs

Here is what you cannot expect

  • No sandboxing or limitations you would entertain on a local R setup
  • expect everything to work fine
  • instant execution (they are adding more servers currently)

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